Papparich? Or Pappafilth?

Went to Papparich for dinner tonight, brought Bub along though he already has dinner. 20130701-222410.jpg
Our second time here, quite like the deco, lots of wood and bricks, it is quite a large restaurant considering it being in Chatswood.
Monday chilly night, and still we had to wait around 20 min for a table around 7:30pm, luckily there’s a large wait area so it wasn’t too bad.
There’s also a play area for kids, suitable for bringing your Bub along.
So we place our own order when ready, (it’s on the box on the table where cutleries are put) i got a Bandung soya, which is a rosé soya milk tea, not bad at all, even Bub liked it. Hubby ordered a kopi-o, and quite enjoyed it too.
So today I ordered the hai nan chicken rice again since I didnt feel like anything else, pretty consistent in taste from last time. Soft chicken, rice a bit dry, soup too salty. ok maybe last time was better, and we were really really Hungry tonight Hubby ordered a hai nan fried chicken which he likes too, a bit on the spicy for those who likes it flavored. Both were good portioned.


So so far, The food is not bad, I’d give it 7.5/10, as my hai nan rice could be a softer, the chicken chilli sauce was not the best I tried, and the salad was a bit too oily. I don’t mind eating here once in a while from convenience, but certainly would explore other Malaysian restaurant around Sydney.
The service was not so great, 6/10 we had to ask for serviettes, and we later rang the bell twice for some water, but no one ended up coming.
But i usually save the best till last. The restroom was HORRIFYING!! it was like something exploded in there, there was splashes of water on the seat, ewww. no tissue, ew( just a tiny one), the used papers were all over the floor, on, next to the bin, eeewwwww, and worst part I could even see sh1t on one of it… Eeeewwwwwwww, walked out straight away. About a 2/10 I’d say.

Would def recommend them to check the toilets more often as this is a big turn off for me, makes me wonder how clean the food are.

1/63a Archer st, Chatswood
Tel: (02) 9411 3207
PappaRich on Urbanspoon


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