Newtown, Old town!

Late last night, I researched for the perfect cake for my hubby, and after much choices, Bourke st bakery, paris cake shop Bondi ( now an online store only), La Renaissance, I chose Black Star pastry. So many people recommended their strawberry, watermelon, and rose cream cake, and also I thought it would be a healthier choice for my one year old.
So off I went, skipped yum Cha with hubby and father in law, drove my way there singing to myself, my Rihanna music I felt single again and it was so relaxxing…

Wasn’t too hard to find, right opposite police station, but would definitely have trouble finding carpark on weekend. It’s a fairly small shop, I’m not quite used to taking pictures of the shop in front of all these people just yet

But it’s a cosy little place, and you can tell its one of those shops with history, therefore it Must taste good after having survived all these years.
Also got myself a little lunch of the lamb shank and red wine pie, which WAS as good as they said, it was soft, succulent, the pastry was slightly crunchy, but mostly everything just melted in my mouth, the lamb, the pastry, the faint odor of red wine.
And it did,


While I was in Newtown, how can I not get coffee, and which other than campos coffee?! Found this place through my research of best coffee last year, and ever since then I get coffee from them if I’m in the area and on time (they close early, like around 3pm)

Very lucky to have found carpark right in front, as you might have guessed I don’t like exercising, or walking unnecessarily. Anyway I was served instantly, and tried to find a spot in the shop so i can blend into the decor, started to feel a bit comfortable of taking pictures


Perfect coffee for the cold weather like today!
Finally a pic of the cake after my decorations


Recommend the strawberry cake and lamb shank pie from black star pastry, and campos coffee from Newtown!

Black Star pastry
277 Australia st, Newtown
Tel: (02)9557 8656
Black Star Pastry on Urbanspoon

Campos Coffee
193 Missenden rd, Newtown
Tel: (02)9516 3361
Campos Coffee on Urbanspoon


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